• Doctor: Jeffrey Pomerantz
  • Location: 521 5th Avenue #819,
    New York, NY 10175
  • Phone: (212) 697-3999
  • Specialization: Prosthodontist

Project Planning

“ First what was pleasant to find out is that you understood what we wanted at once! We felt the high professional level as we were proposed all the staff we needed and nothing more! All the necessary information about cabinetry what we were searching for was given to us immediately, so the only thing for us was to choose the material we liked. Some our old furnishings were changed to better suit the new design.

Frames of waiting chairs were specified to be reinforced for 350 pounds instead of standard 250 lbs. Now both our clients and staff feel the positive changes and we are very grateful to you for that! The furniture pieces we've chosen were tested in the existing hospital for ease of use and ergonomics. Feedback from patients, families, and nursing staff was really positive so we agreed to buy it.”

Project Location