“I was looking for a artistically educated contractor who can create a space with exceptional working atmosphere full of productivity and functionality, and amazingly beautiful at the same time. I totally trusted his vision and he delivered…”

  • Doctor: Dr. Olga Malkin
  • Location:23 Warren St 10, New York, NY 10007
  • Phone: (212) 355-4510

Project Location

Being in the hurt of Tribeca, neighborhood where most recent design ideas and conceptual approaches developed numerous specific requirements and standards, neighborhood which recognize difference in visual design and urbanistic graphic; neighborhood where project visualization becomes everyday routine and idea realization procedure achieved next level of execution. Demanding landlord, critical circumstances during construction process, aggressive schedule and dental equipment installation complications mobilized our crew to work with maximum strength and creativity in order to achieve magnificent results. This dental studio became uniquely sophisticated in functionality, and at the same time uniquely simple in perception. White cabinets and colorful dental chairs create recognizable visual effect. Forty-two feet of glass wall in the corridor make space widely open. Complex combination of white marble and frosted glass represents client’s vision and intentionally underline design concept.