“ My secretary found this company and convinced me of renovation necessity. I was a bit skeptical and was not sure. I changed my mind when I have met Simon and he explained me why I need to renovate my office and provide me with the best quote. Renovation came up successfully and space looks very beautiful.”

  • Doctor:James Kelly
  • Location:160 E 56th Street,
    9th floor, New York, NY, 10022
  • Phone: (212) 808-4888

Project Location

Renovation of this dental office can be perfect illustration of our experienced construction team and interior designer who work on this project. We supervise every aspect of construction process and make sure our approved architectural plan is followed. We coordinate all phases of construction process with SL Green Realty who is building management company at this location. All public accessed area had been cleaned twice a day and all other activities to be approved three days prior to schedule. Dental laboratory remodeled with all new counters and cabinets. Gorgeous granite counters with unique marble mosaic and custom build cabinetry make all operatories out-and-outer. We built new space to panoramic X-Ray and doctor’s private office been totally renovated with new wall to wall shelving system and custom desk with top cabinets. Front desk area design represents doctor’s vision and reflects his artistic requirements. Back wall - with aluminum lettering signage on top of three dimensional Japanese mosaic, makes this office remarkable example of right artistic approach with experienced construction execution.