• Doctors: Paul M. Banks , Andrew L. Howard
  • Location: 125 East 69th St, New York, New York
  • Phone: ​212-577-9236
  • Specialization: Orthodontist

Project Planning

  • “ I was amazed by the quantity of questions asked by them! They asked and found out everything I needed so it was evident that our vision was the same. Really the team of designers was very tolerant with the workers of my first dental office. In the process of making project they asked everybody what they wish to be improved. They studied thoroughly all the working process and realised what should be done. So thoughtful detailing of the working process resulted in remarkably effective space usage in my new office! Besides the design is absolutely beautiful and the quality of materials is really high, so I am expecting years of successful practice and the same I wish to you! ”

Project Location